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View Full Version : [SOLVED] error message free flash template 9

mike athy
06-03-2009, 10:35 PM
Hi there
I have changed the code somehow and now am seeing the "change in copyright" error message on start up. Can anyone tell me how to correct this. Also the free nice templates link is in the middle of the page, can anyone tell me how to drop this to the bottom of the page.
I am using template #9 and my address is

Thanks in advance


06-04-2009, 02:38 PM
Hi Mike,
A nice website !
I think the problem is that you remove the holder div. Try to add:
<div id="holder">

and at the end of the page add:


Please tell us if this action solves your problem.

mike athy
06-04-2009, 11:53 PM
Thanks for the reply and kind comments.
Under which body tag (where on page?) do I add the correction "div id=holder"?
I have corrected the error message from poping up but the link is still in the middle of the page.
Also if you could tell me how to correct this issue, when I click send on the contact page another page opens to tell me that ../index.htm?page=_contact_message.html cannot be found. _contact_message.html is where the correct page is located.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

06-05-2009, 07:20 AM
Changes have to be done in the index.html.
Concerning the redirection to _contact_message.html :
Edit contact.php end replace
header("Location: ./index.htm?page=_contact_message.htm");
header("Location: ./index.html?page=_contact_message.htm");

It's because your index page is index.html and not index.htm.

Please tell us with that solves your problem (i think it should).

mike athy
06-05-2009, 10:17 AM
Hi there

Thanks for your help
everything is working fine.
Cheers, you have been very helpful