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I was searching for some minimal simple Facebook "like" button and this is it:

<script src=""></script><fb:like href="---your full url---" layout="button_count" width="80" font="arial"></fb:like>
You can edit the width parameter or if you want other styles, you can do it here:

There are a lot of free services that will help you to share your pages on the social networks, but if you (as I) want for some reason to create the manual links that doesnt depend on external service and that doesnt add any advertisements, here is the source. The example is for Myspace:

<a href=";t=Stealth%20technologies%20-%20British,%20Swedish%20and%20French%20aviation%20programs%20and%20solutions" onclick="; return false;"><img src="images/share/myspace.png" class="standard" title="MySpace" alt="Hitechweb at MySpace"></a>
The first part is the url of the myspace, where you will add the full URL of your own web page and after the "amp;t=" parameter you will write the title. Parameter "onclick" open the posting page on the new window and after "img" you should write the path for the icons. If you need some, you can cut them from here:

The example of the result:

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